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Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa package

Why choose Entrepreneur?

The Kingdom Entrepreneur plan is our most popular immigration package for good reason. We provide all the services needed to make a successful visa application with minimal effort on the applicant’s behalf.

Every applicant and therefore every application is different so we offer truly tailored services for each client.

Entrepreneur benefits

We put everything in place to facilitate a successful Tier 1 visa application suited to your expertise and requirements.

This package includes…

  • A range of business opportunities
    A range of business opportunities
    Carefully selected for suitability with visa requirements
  • Assistance creating a professional Business Plan
    Assistance creating a professional Business Plan
    Crucial for a successful application
  • Interview training
    Interview training
    Training to help prepare for the Home Office interview
  • Concierge Services
    Comprehensive concierge service
    Provided through Angel Concierge Services
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Our team will be happy to provide guidance on the best UK immigration options for your requirements.

No investment advice is given on the merits of any particular investment either put forward for consideration or set up by the applicant.

Concierge Services icon

Concierge Services

What is too often forgotten is that getting your visa is not the end of the matter.

There is a lot of extra help you may need in getting settled. Very few immigration advisors will offer these services…

We do.

Our concierge services include

  • Assistance in registration with the police and meeting their requirements
  • Obtaining the biometric residence permit (BRP)
  • Applying for a National Insurance number
  • Explaining the position on filing a tax return
  • Registration with a medical practitioner
  • How to open a bank account
  • How to rent or buy a property
  • How to sort out a driving licence
  • Dealing with school admissions