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The Visa Kings Global Team

With a multi-disciplinary team of experienced immigration lawyers and specialists, Visa Kings Global can provide expert advice and effective management of visa applications and related matters.

Several members of our team have themselves made the UK their home – having been through UK immigration with their families, and understanding better than anyone else how to help you during this process.

  • Harvey Shulman — Lawyer for Visa Kings Global

    Harvey Shulman

  • Jennifer Simmons — Lawyer for Visa Kings Global

    Jennifer Simmons

  • Michael Rodriguez — Lawyer for Visa Kings Global

    Michael Rodriguez

  • Melanie Wong — Lawyer for Visa Kings Global

    Melanie Wong

  • Desmond Taylor — Lawyer for Visa Kings Global

    Desmond Taylor

  • Edward Mackewn — Lawyer for Visa Kings Global

    Edward Mackewn

  • Harry Angelides — Lawyer for Visa Kings Global

    Harry Angelides

  • Muzaffar Saydiganiev — Business Executive for Visa Kings Global

    Muzaffar Saydiganiev

    Business Executive
  • An Mai Vu — Business Development for Visa Kings Global

    An Mai Vu

    Business Development
  • Diego Fiorillo — Business Development for Visa Kings Global

    Diego Fiorillo

    Business Development
  • James Udriot — Business Development for Visa Kings Global

    James Udriot

    Business Development
  • Gill Johnson — Business Development for Visa Kings Global

    Gill Johnson

    Business Development
  • Alan Saunders — Business Development for Visa Kings Global

    Alan Saunders

    Business Development
  • Pauline Curham — Coordinator for Visa Kings Global

    Pauline Curham

  • Stuart Veitch — Finance Coordinator for Visa Kings Global

    Stuart Veitch

    Finance Coordinator
  • Shani Randall — Concierge Services for Visa Kings Global

    Shani Randall

    Concierge Services
  • Joanne Kong — Concierge Services for Visa Kings Global

    Joanne Kong 江曉梅

    Concierge Services
  • Jamica Cheung Ching Lai — Concierge Services for Visa Kings Global

    Jamica Cheung Ching Lai 張貞麗

    Concierge Services
  • Clive Gregory — Hong Kong Representative for Visa Kings Global

    Clive Gregory

    Hong Kong Representative
  • Adnan Ghani — Pakistan Representative for Visa Kings Global

    Adnan Ghani

    Pakistan Representative
  • James Mugo — Kenya Representative for Visa Kings Global

    James Mugo

    Kenya Representative

First-class service from our international team

Be confident that you are in good hands with an experienced team of immigration lawyers and business specialists around the world.

Visa Kings Global is the immigration department of Canfields Law – a Lexcel accredited, London law practice regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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Member Joint Council for
the Welfare of Immigrants

What our clients say

I am impressed with the way and manner your team has carried on and delivered on their promise […] I have so far recommended your firm to two of my colleagues

I am very pleased with the quality of services the company provides.

I am particularly impressed with the team’s dedication.

I will never forget your help and support in my life.

Without you this journey was impossible.

Very well put together.
Appreciate it – First Class

I don't have words… how much time and effort you put into my case.

I have had expert advice and guidance throughout […]
this firm is immeasurably awesome

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