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Use the Isle of Man’s Attractive Innovator Visa to Migrate

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  2. Use the Isle of Man’s Attractive Innovator Visa to Migrate

The island nation’s Innovator programme similar to the United Kingdom but the country has a more attractive tax structure, no health surcharge, better lifestyle and takes decisions independent of the U.K.

The Isle of Man, a tiny island that is part of the British Isles, offers an attractive Innovator programme that enables investors to obtain a visa for themselves and their families as well as apply for settlement in three years.

The 53 kilometre by 22-kilometre nation in the Irish Sea requires Innovator applicants to have prior business experience and at least £50,000 to invest in a new or an existing business that is innovative, viable and scalable, according to government guidance. Applicants seeking to join, or take over an existing business, would need to demonstrate how the investment will be made and their plans for the business.

The Isle of Man is located midway between Great Britain and Ireland and part of the Common Travel Area. Residents have visa-free access to the U.K. and Ireland and products and services from the Island have customs-free access to the U.K. market.

Before applying for a visa, your business plan must be endorsed by the Department for Enterprise of the Isle of Man government that will evaluate your investment. Visa applications thereafter usually take up to six weeks to be approved. Your business plan must result in the creation of at least one full-time job on the Island in the first 12 months since the letter of endorsement is issued. The Department will also hold a meeting with you every six months to ensure that your business is making reasonable progress.

Your business must meet new or existing market needs or create a competitive ad-vantage. You must have, or be developing the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully run the business, which must have a structured plan, the potential to create jobs and to grow in existing or new markets.

This is very similar to the Innovator programme available in the U.K. The Isle of Man though is an attractive business destination in its own right and the government’s plan to attract £1 billion in public and private investment by 2032 to double the size of its economy will spawn lucrative economic opportunities.

The Isle of Man is widely known as a low-tax jurisdiction with zero corporate tax and personal income tax capped at 20 percent. That compares with the U.K.’s highest personal income tax rate of 45 percent. The island has its own parliament, government and laws with the U.K. only responsible for its international relations. Per capita income was $79,300 in 2022 compared to the U.K.’s $48,890, according to World Bank data, and the country’s agriculture and manufactured products have free access to the European Union.

There are other advantages as well. With a population of about 84,000, the Island has a balmy laid-back lifestyle, a lush countryside with beaches and its government takes decisions with minimal interference from the U.K. Home Office. Business mi-grants also don’t pay the £1,035 annual, per person international health surcharge that those in the U.K. do.

You can apply to settle after three years or to extend your visa for a further three, provided you have invested the required funds and created the equivalent of at least three full-time jobs since your business plan was endorsed.

This is an attractive programme and the Isle of Man government approved 33 business migrant applications last year. Visa Kings Global can advise and help you apply for an Innovator visa from the Isle of Man on a no win, no fee basis.

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