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Triple Protect Plan for UK Innovator & Start-up visas

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  2. Triple Protect Plan for UK Innovator & Start-up visas
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I would like to introduce you to our exclusive Triple Protect plan.

Our Triple Protect plan gives you protection in three areas when you apply for a visa through us. First, our fee is on a No Win No Fee basis. Unless we get the visa for you, you don't pay fees.

Secondly, to enter this arrangement with us, you have to agree that we will apply to two Endorsement Bodies, instead of just one, to improve the chances of getting an endorsement for you. That should be an advantage.

The third part of the Triple Protect plan is that if for any reason, your endorsement does not lead to a visa, or your endorsement is refused then we will without further charge, apply for a Skilled Worker visa on your behalf. And that effectively is your "Plan B".

So if you will sign up for that Triple Protect plan which gives you those benefits, then you will get the entire advantage of the no win no fee arrangement. So if that's of interest to you, then please get in touch and we can talk further.

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