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Skilled Worker Visa Holders Will Have a Manager to Help

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  2. Skilled Worker Visa Holders Will Have a Manager to Help

Those obtaining Skilled Worker visas through Visa Kings Global will have a support service through its Human Performance Managers

All those receiving Skilled Worker Visas through Visa Kings Global will have access to Human Performance Managers (HPMs), a team of mentors that will help optimise the impact of their work.

Each skilled worker who has invested in their employer company, gets a dedicated HPM at no cost. This is a unique service designed to make your transition to a new country as successful as possible. The HPM will assist you in filing a weekly report setting out your achievements, identifying actions to help you progress further and solve any problems you may have.

The HPMs file their own weekly report to be discussed with the employer company, to make your business activities most effective. This is to ensure that you generate additional revenue for the company, earning extra financial rewards for yourself, a key factor in obtaining the coveted job opportunity.

Every company we work with, must accept the HPM service, which is funded by your employer.

This service supports you in a variety of ways:

  • Assistance in obtaining funding for business projects you are leading or closely involved with as part of a team or as a sole developer
  • Providing references, where required, to assist you in obtaining rental accommodation or mortgage finance
  • Arranging work and career development training programmes
  • Arranging a convenient office hub from which to work. We currently have five such hubs with more in prospect around the U.K. You will be able to attend the most convenient location to ensure that you are genuinely committed to your employment, and able to get support from the local HPM office manager in compliance with Home Office requirements
  • Support with issues relating to health care and schooling so you can fully focus on your work
  • The HPM service facilitates the provision of business cards, an email address, a laptop and other business support services as required
  • A member of the HPM team is available at any time during normal working hours to provide mentoring and support
  • Through the HPMs you will have access to immigration law advisers if you need to help resolve any immigration questions that may arise
  • The HPM service can also help to set up your own company, obtain tax registration and assist in obtaining a bank account as preparation for a self-sponsorship visa

Ventures we’re helping to fund

Our objective is to optimise, wherever possible, the funding from our network of investors. These are some examples of projects we are currently assisting, which illustrate the broad opportunities arising from our relationships in the funding market.

The sourcing, import and sale of:

  • Bicycles
  • Second-hand motor vehicles
  • Specialist rice products
  • Costume jewellery products
  • Specialist sports goods
  • Baking equipment for resale
  • Residential property for overseas investors

We endeavour to use your skills to link the employer with business opportunities where you have that vital overseas experience. This is good for you, your employer, and the U.K. economy.

We believe this is a unique service, of great benefit to skilled workers from overseas and helps ensure they get the greatest benefit from their employment opportunity.

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