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Invest in The Isle of Man’s Digital Industry to Migrate

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  2. Invest in The Isle of Man’s Digital Industry to Migrate

The Isle of Man’s government says it is looking at a broad range of digital innovations emerging in global markets and identifying niches that align with its capabilities, aspirations and risk appetite

Business migrant applicants in the Isle of Man could explore investing in the country’s FinTech, data management and esports industries to possibly benefit from the state’s robust plans to boost the economy.

The government of the Isle of Man, a tiny island nation that is a part of the British Isles, unveiled a programme in November 2022 to attract £1 billion in public and private investment by 2032 that identified several key sectors to boost growth, including the digital industry, financial services and tourism.

The 53 kilometre by 22-kilometre nation has an Innovator programme that enables investors to obtain a visa for themselves and their families as well as apply for settlement in three years. Applicants must have at least £50,000 to invest in a new or an existing business that is innovative, viable and scalable, according to government guidance.

Digital Isle of Man, an agency of the government’s Department for Enterprise executing the country’s digital plan, says it is looking at a range of digital innovations emerging in global markets and identifying niches that align with its capabilities, aspirations and risk appetite.

The agency is developing a FinTech strategy which incorporates its knowledge about crypto derived from its learning in the Blockchain Office.

To help develop this strategy, it initiated two support structures. These are the FinTech Innovation Challenge, a global competition based on four challenge statements solving wide ranging issues on the island, and the FinTech Innovation Hub, a collaboration between Digital Isle of Man, Finance Isle of Man and the FSA which will review incoming FinTech propositions and potentials.

Other initiatives include Cleantech, which challenges entrepreneurs to fuse innovation with ecological consciousness and Artificial Intelligence, an attempt to use data-driven technologies and artificial intelligence to explore solutions that leverage insights and automate processes.

The agency is also exploring the use of data protection legislation to support the storage and processing of high value data. It says it has some unique capabilities in this area that and if developed correctly, could create a rationale for the Island to become a centre of expertise for data analytics and artificial intelligence.

The Isle of Man is located midway between Great Britain and Ireland in the Irish Sea and part of the Common Travel Area. Residents have visa-free access to the U.K. and Ireland and products and services from the Island have customs-free access to the U.K. market.

The Island is widely known as a low-tax jurisdiction with zero corporate tax and personal income tax capped at 20 percent. That compares with the U.K.’s highest personal income tax rate of 45 percent. The island has its own parliament, government and laws with the U.K. only responsible for its international relations.

Digital Isle of Man is also refreshing strategies for Smart Island and esports as well as seeking to deliver a Digital Academy for the Island to enhance the skills of the local workforce. It will continue to drive growth of the eGaming sector and its supporting ecosystem.

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