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Duped? Rely on us to Obtain a Skilled Worker Visa

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  2. Duped? Rely on us to Obtain a Skilled Worker Visa

Visa Kings Global has obtained hundreds of U.K. skilled worker visas, including for care givers, helping applicants avoid being swindled by rogue agents

A large number of people have entered the U.K. by paying agents to arrange skilled worker visas as carers but many have been left destitute after finding they have no jobs when they landed in the country, as recently reported by Sky News.

Most of them now rely on handouts to feed themselves and some are even forced to sleep rough. One of them paid an agent in Nigeria £10,000 to arrange her visa, according to the report. They can’t find alternative employment because the visas are tied to the sponsor and they can take on part-time work only with the same job code and that too for up to just 20 hours a week.

These alarming stories are playing out in several parts of the U.K. with unsuspecting families paying agents thousands of pounds to arrange skilled worker visas but later finding that they have no jobs, according to the Sky News investigation.

In the 12 months to March 2023, 170,993 skilled worker visas were awarded by the U.K. Home Office. In the health and care sector alone, the number of permits issued have increased over two and a half times and represent over half of all work visas issued in the period. On the job with the lowest entry requirement - care workers and home carers - 40,416 people were awarded visas in the year to March 2023, according to the Sky News report.

Beware of fraudulent agents who promise you skilled worker visas from the U.K., show you visions of a new life, collect thousands of pounds and then leave you stranded.

We have achieved skilled worker visas in a variety of sectors and have an unblemished record of delivering on our promises. We have also arranged hundreds of visas for care workers.

"I am impressed with the way and manner your team has carried on and delivered on their promise," said one of the people who received a Skilled Worker visa through Visa Kings Global. "I have so far recommended your firm to two of my colleagues."

Health and care workers were added to the shortage occupation list on February 15, 2022, making it easier for foreign workers to obtain visas to help bridge a skills shortage in the U.K. Jobs on the shortage occupation list benefit from lower salary requirements and lower application fees than other skilled workers.

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