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About UK Business and Investor Visas

A UK visa through business investment is the most straightforward path to UK residency and provides a route to British Citizenship.

By investing in or taking over a business in the United Kingdom, you can be entitled to take up residence, along with your family.

Creating or funding a new start-up company is a very attractive option for skilled individuals and we can provide a range of services and business opportunities that are ideally suited to supporting an investor visa application.

Our Expertise in Business Finance

Once in the UK, you and your family can enjoy many of the same significant benefits as citizens, including free public schooling, free medical care through the NHS and a host of other advantages that come from living in a highly developed country with one of world's leading economies.

With experienced teams around the world, Visa Kings Global can ensure you meet the requirements for a Tier 1 Visa by matching you with investment opportunities that perfectly complement your skills, no matter how specific they are.

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About UK Tier 1 Investor Visas

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