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Business investor visas for the UK

Live in the UK and start your path to British Citizenship through investment

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa

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Everything you need for a successful Entrepreneur visa application in one unmatched package
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Sole Representative visa

To be a sole representative you must be employed by the parent company in a senior job role within the company and must have the authority to take operational decisions once in the UK.

Sole Representative Visa

Establish a company by sending over a senior employee from an actively trading parent company
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Innovator visa service

The Innovator visa replaces Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and offers proven business entrepreneurs and experienced professionals an extremely attractive UK immigration route.

Innovator Visa

Start your path to British Citizenship by investing in a new business
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Ireland employer permit

The special relationship between the UK and the island of Ireland presents a unique route to UK residency and citizenship through business investment in Ireland.

Ireland Employer Permit

A route to freedom to live and work in the United Kingdom and EU countries
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