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UK Visa Sponsor Licence
for Employers

Is your business looking to recruit talent from outside the UK?

If you want to be able to employ skilled workers from EU or non-EEA countries you will likely require a Sponsor Licence.

Obtaining a Sponsor Licence will allow you to apply for a number of certificates of sponsorship, granting you access to the rich and diverse global workforce.

We offer simple applications and full consultancy services for Sponsor Licence employers.

These include

  • Step-by-step assistance with applying for new employees to enter the UK under your licence
  • Maintaining and updating your business details with the Home Office as needed, including regular checks of any new requirements or information requests
  • Keeping track of your licence expiry date to avoid penalties and ensure your employees continue to be lawfully employed

Not sure which visa your employee requires?

Our immigration experts will advise you on which visa application to submit, based on the individual circumstances of each employee.

There are two main options

  • Skilled Worker visa (previously Tier 2)

    This visa category allows employees to enter the UK workforce on a long-term basis to fill positions in a wide range of skilled occupations. The job in question must meet the minimum skill level requirements described in the Immigration Rules, or be registered in the current Shortage Occupation List.

  • Temporary Worker visa (previously Tier 5)

    This category allows entry to work in the UK under a number of specific circumstances, including charity workers; sportspersons or creative workers; diplomats; religious workers; government-authorised exchange programmes; and the Youth Mobility Scheme.

Getting a Sponsor Licence

If your organisation is planning to apply for a Sponsor Licence, we can streamline the process for you.

We can offer

  • Gathering all required paperwork and completing the application process
  • Following up on application status and providing additional information, as requested
  • Ensuring that your organisation is internally prepared to recruit and relocate new staff to the UK

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