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UK Tier 2 Work Visa

As a leading global economy, the United Kingdom is one of the most desirable countries in which to work, offering enormous opportunities.

For non-EEA citizens, long-term employment in the UK normally requires a Tier 2 work visa. We can support both employees and, where necessary employers, to facillitate such visas in the most effective manner.

Have you been offered work in the UK?

Whether you are just beginning your career or taking the next step up in your industry, you may need to apply for a Tier 2 General visa to work in the UK legally. Citizens from outside the EEA must be employed by a licensed sponsor in order to apply for this visa.

We can guide you through every stage of your entry into the UK workforce by

  • Helping you search for jobs in your industry
  • Ensuring you receive a job offer that matches your qualifications
  • Working directly with your employer to obtain sponsorship
  • Submitting your visa application paperwork and following it up until you receive your Tier 2 visa

Are you switching jobs?

You may need to submit a new Tier 2 visa application if you are changing jobs. Your new employer will have to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship for you, under which you can apply for a new visa. We can further clarify the conditions under which you must change your visa, as well as helping you to understand the process.

EU/EEA nationals currently working in the UK

Given the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit process, you may be concerned about your current or future work status in the UK. As of 2018, EU/EEA nationals residing in the UK must apply for “settled status” if they intend to stay in the UK past June 2021. We can work directly with employers to ensure that your immigration status complies with any policy changes that may arise from Brexit.

Help with securing rented accommodation in the UK

If you are planning to move to a new residence, your landlord will request documents to prove that you are allowed to reside in the UK.

We can help by

  • Gathering and organising documentation proving you have permission to reside in the UK
  • Liaising with your agent or landlord and reviewing tenancy contracts
  • Ensuring that all required documents are up to date in the case of renewing a tenancy contract

Visiting the UK on a business trip?

If you are visiting the UK for short-term business, you can take advantage of either the standard Visitor visa or the Permitted Paid Engagement visa. We will ensure you apply for the correct one!

Non-sponsored employment

Under certain circumstances, you may be able to obtain work in the UK without sponsorship. These include entry as a sole representative of an overseas business; media employees on long-term assignments; applicants seeking a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa; and more.

Securing your immigration status under these circumstances can be daunting, but our team can expertly clarify the steps you need to take by

  • Guiding you through the process of applying for sole representation or the Tier 1 visa
  • Ensuring that all your paperwork is up to date in order to avoid penalties
  • Monitoring your eligibility status for any changes that may require you to seek out sponsorship from a PBS (points-based system) licence-holding organisation

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