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Start a business and retain full control

Why choose Kingdom Assist?

The Kingdom Assist plan is designed to help applicants comply with expected changes to the Immigration Rules being introduced in 2019 whilst also helping to make their start-up business ventures more successful.

Immigration policy is emphasising the move towards innovative start-up companies and whilst traditional business ventures are not excluded, those that can show entrepreneurial benefits are likely to be well regarded. New tests will be stricter and it will be more vital than ever to show your business has the support that will enable it to succeed.

One of the major problems with setting up your own venture is not knowing the various complex rules and regulations that affect modern business. The Kingdom Assist Plan provides this expertise and support for those who want to control their own businesses but may not know all that is required.

Kingdom Assist benefits

Kingdom Assist offers the combined experience of our team and our established partners in the venture arena who provide full mentoring support services and have helped raise over £20 million for start-ups.

This package includes…

  • 1. Two experienced Directors
    To assist you in the running of the business
  • 2. Assistance finding and employing two persons quickly
    Required by the immigration rules on which your visa extension relies. This includes handling the legal contracts.
  • 3. Locating office space
    The directors will find you an office location and give you full office support facilities so you will have a registered office for your business.
  • 4. Comprehensive concierge service
    Concierge services which you need in order to settle into your new environment. Just obtaining a visa does not cover these basic services.
  • 5. Business mentoring and online coaching
    You will have access to over 100 hours of business coaching online and have a two hour face-to-face business mentoring meeting every month for the first year and longer if you require it. You will have access to a full team of business mentors when you need them.
  • 6. Business plan preparation and viability reports
    Not only will we prepare your business plan with your input in order to meet the immigration rules but we will obtain two back up reports from financial specialists that confirm the viability.
  • 7. Incorporation and business support
    We will incorporate your company and provide you with a company secretarial service for a year or longer. We will also provide you with the book keeping and accounting support you need.
  • 8. Business network and introductions
    Through our deep experience helping new ventures we can reach out to a wide network of contacts and make business introductions if you wish us to do so.
  • 9. Included legal services
    We will provide your venture with a full range of legal services with the first £3000 of work being free of charge.
  • 10. Half price visa extension
    We will handle your visa extension if you wish us to do so with a 50% discount on our normal fees.
  • We will provide these services for a period of up to five years at an agreed annual fee depending on the level of support you require. You will always be able to terminate our services at the end of each year of the arrangements.
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Our team will be happy to provide guidance on the best UK immigration options for your requirements.

With the Kingdom Assist plan you retain 100% control of your business however some may prefer the guaranteed salary and benefits of investing in an established business through our Kingdom Elite plan.

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Concierge Services

What is too often forgotten is that getting your visa is not the end of the matter.

There is a lot of extra help you may need in getting settled. Very few immigration advisors will offer these services…

We do.

Our concierge services include

  • Assistance in registration with the police and meeting their requirements
  • Obtaining the biometric residence permit (BRP)
  • Applying for a National Insurance number
  • Explaining the position on filing a tax return
  • Registration with a medical practitioner
  • How to open a bank account
  • How to rent or buy a property
  • How to sort out a driving licence
  • Dealing with school admissions