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Sole Representative Visa

The Representative of an Overseas Business visa (also known as a Sole Representative visa) is intended so that a company outside the United Kingdom can establish a commercial presence by sending over a senior employee as its business representative.

Visa Kings Global offer comprehensive Sole Representative programmes through the UK and the Isle of Man (part of the British Isles), with the Isle of Man offering a number of attractive benefits.

How it works

What is a Sole Representative?

To be a sole representative you must be employed by a parent company in a senior job role and must have the authority to take operational decisions from the UK or Isle of Man.

A sole representative cannot be an agent (self-employed), a sales representative, buyer or a secretary/personal assistant accompanying a sole representative. To be eligible as a sole representative you cannot be a majority shareholder — only those with less than a 50% shareholding will be considered.

Forming a company

Using the experience and resources of our law firm (Visa Kings Global is the immigration department of Canfields Law) we can help set up a genuine active trading company that reflects your skills.

We have an associated office and close connections on the Isle of Man which we can utilise to ensure our clients have the best chance of a successful application, as well as the right business support thereafter.

Canfields Law will incorporate and help establish a branch of the overseas business in the UK or Isle of Man. To meet the requirements of the visa we will ensure that the branch exists as a legal entity and has a bank account and premises.

We will help to employ staff and use our business connections wherever possible to help establish the new branch. The applicant will need the relevant qualifications, skills and experience required and must play an active role as a key member of the company.

Complying with the requirements will ensure that after just five years, the applicant will be on track for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Key benefits

  • A sole representative can open a new branch on behalf of the overseas business.
  • Excellent opportunity to expand a business into the lucrative UK and Irish markets.
  • Pathway to Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years representing the parent business and thereafter obtaining a UK passport.
  • A sole representative can bring over their family – their spouse, civil partner, unmarried or same-sex partner and dependent children.

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Concierge Services icon

Concierge Services

What is too often forgotten is that getting your visa is not the end of the matter.

There is a lot of extra help you may need in getting settled. Very few immigration advisors offer these services…

We do.

Our concierge services include

  • Assistance in registration with the police and meeting their requirements
  • Obtaining the biometric residence permit (BRP)
  • Applying for a National Insurance number
  • Explaining the position on filing a tax return
  • Registration with a medical practitioner
  • How to open a bank account
  • How to rent or buy a property
  • How to sort out a driving licence
  • Dealing with school admissions
Map of UK and Ireland with Isle of Man highlighted

Why the Isle of Man

As part of the British Isles, the Isle of Man represents a unique opportunity for starting a new life, with additional benefits for businesses trading with the UK, Ireland, and more besides.

The Isle of Man is situated just 30 miles (50km) west of the UK mainland with excellent transport links by air and sea. Its capital, Douglas has a rich history and is known today for being a global business hub, home to many international businesses.

The Isle of Man has a lot to offer from a financial perspective. With efficient well-regulated banks and a straightforward tax regime offering low levels of taxation, the island has many attractions for entrepreneurs.

As a “Crown Dependency” of the United Kingdom, residents of the Isle of Man are granted British Citizenship, making this route especially attractive to those planning to settle in the UK.

First-class service from our international team

Be confident that you are in good hands with an experienced team of immigration lawyers and business specialists around the world.

Visa Kings Global is partnered with Canfields Law — a Lexcel accredited, London law practice regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Lexcel Practice Management Standard Law Society Accredited

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I am impressed with the way and manner your team has carried on and delivered on their promise […] I have so far recommended your firm to two of my colleagues

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I am particularly impressed with the team’s dedication.

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