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Fast-track visas for tech jobs

If you have experience in web, software, or game development (or design), we offer a tech-specific visa programme which qualifies for residence in the Isle of Man (part of the British Isles) and is an attractive path to British Citizenship.

How the plan works

The Isle of Man is strongly encouraging the growth of its tech sector and has made special provisions which streamline the process through which firms can hire non-EEA employees for tech and creative roles.

Applicants are required to provide £100,000 as loan finance to the employing business and in return will benefit from a residence visa, guaranteed salary and also the IOM's very favourable tax regime.

Through our connections, we can put forward applicants for developer, creative and technical management roles suited to a wide range of skills and experience levels.

Tech job vacancies

Front End Developer Jobs

  • Vue.js Front End Developer

  • Unity Front End Developer

Back End Developer Jobs

  • Node.js Developer

  • C, C#, C++ Developer

  • Java Developer

  • Database Engineer

  • DevOps/Platform Engineer

  • Data Analyst

Full Stack Web Developer Jobs

Creative job vacancies

Graphic design

  • Creative Director

  • Art Director

  • Lead Game Designer

  • UX Designer

  • Graphic Designer

Game design

  • Lead Game Designer

  • Character Designer / Concept Artist

  • Character Modeller

  • Scriptwriter

  • Character Animator

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Map of UK and Ireland with Isle of Man highlighted

Why the Isle of Man

As part of the British Isles, the Isle of Man represents a unique opportunity for starting a new life, with additional benefits for businesses trading with the UK, Ireland, and more besides.

The Isle of Man is situated just 30 miles (50km) west of the UK mainland with excellent transport links by air and sea. Its capital, Douglas has a rich history and is known today for being a global business hub, home to many international businesses.

The Isle of Man has a lot to offer from a financial perspective. With efficient well-regulated banks and a straightforward tax regime offering low levels of taxation, the island has many attractions for entrepreneurs.

As a “Crown Dependency” of the United Kingdom, residents of the Isle of Man are granted British Citizenship, making this route especially attractive to those planning to settle in the UK.

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