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Residency by Investment

A fast, reliable route to a European residency

Get a European Permanent Residence Permit with property investment from €300,000

Key benefits

For those seeking EU residency, purchasing property in Cyprus represents a fast, simple and comparatively low risk option.

There are several routes to residency on the island of Cyprus but investing in property shortens the procedure considerably.

The property market in Cyprus is stable and also diverse making it attractive both to investors and those who wish to live on the island.

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  • Permanent residency for your family
    Permanent residency for your family
    Spouse, dependent children up to 25 years old, parents and parents in law
  • Secure, stable environment
    Secure, stable environment
    Highly-developed economy and government makes Cyprus a safe haven
  • Flexible residency
    Flexible residency
    No minimum stay and just one visit required for your application
  • Route to Cypriot Citizenship
    Route to Cypriot Citizenship
    Eligible after 5 years providing full EU benefits including unmatched visa-free travel
  • No language requirements
    No language requirements
  • Valid for life and can be inherited
    Valid for life and can be inherited
Cyprus investment property Limassol Marina

Cyprus residency programme requirements

A Residency Permit grants you the right to live in Cyprus permanently, but not to undertake employment. This generally suits those with international business concerns or other independent financial means, including retirees.

Investment effectively shortcuts the normal immigration requirements and provides near-immediate permanent residency rights to those investing on the island.

The primary requirement is the purchase of a new-build property for a minimum value of €300,000 + VAT. This property can be purchased either by the applicant or jointly by the applicant and their spouse and can subsequently be rented to provide income.

Secondly you will need to deposit €30,000 (+€5,000 per dependent) with a Cypriot bank that will be held as a form of bond for three years.

In addition to this the state will want to know that you have the means to live independently in Cyprus and as such you will need to prove that you have income of at least €30,000 (+€5,000 per dependent) per annum derived from non-Cypriot sources.

You need to have a clean criminal record and must not have had property frozen by the EU as a result of sanctions.

Our services

Visa Kings Global provide a complete service for clients seeking residency rights and citizenship for Cyprus.

Our Cyprus and UK-based teams will guide you through options, identify suitable investment property and handle all legal matters required for your application.

If you are thinking about emigrating to Cyprus then it makes sense to seek the right advice. To find out more about applying for the Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit or Citizenship by Investment then please get in touch for an initial conversation about how our experts can help.

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