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UK Business Visa

The UK Government offers several attractive residency visas for foreign nationals who invest in businesses located in the United Kingdom.

Business visas can allow you, as well as your dependent family, to live and work in the UK and they are a reliable route to permanent settlement.

Residency rights under a business visa provide access to the same many benefits enjoyed by British citizens — both for you, and for your family.

These range from the financial stability and opportunity afforded by the UK's modern economy, to world-class schooling and healthcare. Many of our clients particularly value the security and relaxed lifestyle found in the UK.

UK Business Visa Requirements

The UK offers a number of business immigration routes (including the Start-up, Innovator and Skilled Worker visas) which are designed to appeal to applicants with different skills, experience and resources.

The criteria and financial requirements vary by visa; however, the common principles are:

  • You intend to fund business activity in the UK.
  • You have access to at least £75,000 - this is to demonstrate the ability to fund your business and support yourself.
  • You can demonstrate English proficiency at CEFR level B2 or higher (required for most UK visas).
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Ireland Employer Permit Plan

For this route, Visa Kings Global can incorporate an Irish company with qualifying Directors. The applicant will need the relevant qualifications, skills and experience required and must play an active role as a key member of the company.

Complying with the requirements will ensure that after just two years, the applicant will be permitted to work without the need for any employment permit, and without minimum salary levels.

After five years, the applicant can apply for Irish citizenship and if successful, gain the right to live and work in the EU or the UK without restriction.

Why Start A Business In Ireland?

  • Probably the most open economy in the developed world
  • Nearly 1,000 global companies have made Ireland the hub of their European networks
  • Attractive tax regime
  • Common language and culture with the United Kingdom
  • No interview or language tests
  • Gain the right to live and work in the EU or the UK without restriction
  • Spouses and dependants up to 23 years old accepted and able to work
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How we help clients to succeed

Visa Kings Global are London-based business immigration experts. We have achieved successful visas for many clients around the world with very different business backgrounds and immigration goals.

We specialise in helping clients to apply their skills and experience so that they can invest in new or existing UK businesses that comply with visa requirements.

Business visas have complex technical requirements and these can extend to periodic checkpoint evaluations. Our service doesn't stop once you apply and we provide significant support services to help keep your business and visa fully compliant, with minimum effort on your part.

Why choose Visa Kings Global?

Visa Kings Global offers exclusive, fully-managed visa programmes that can be tailored to suit a wide range of applicants with different skills and budgets.

Unlike other immigration advisors, our team has significant business experience, particularly with start-up businesses and corporate matters.

Our business background means we have long-standing relationships with organisations which are now responsible for assessing proposed businesses in relation to visa applications. This gives us a deep understanding of the requirements and our clients benefit from extremely high success rates.

Immigration advisors you can trust

Visa Kings Global works closely with Canfields Law Limited, which is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (ID 634801), Lexcel accredited and undergo annual audits to maintain their legal practice mark of excellence.

To illustrate our confidence of success, we offer to work on a No Win, No Fee basis for many clients upon signing. If we can't achieve a visa we'll fully refund our fees. Please enquire below for details.

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What our clients say about us…

We would like to thank the entire Canfields Law team for their great service in getting a Skilled Worker visa for my brother. We would like to thank Karim, Marcio, Mike, Harvey and Muzaffar for their prompt responses and assistance provided in getting the visa approved without any issues.

Srikant Puvvada
Jan 2023

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this amazing team to process my Skilled Worker visa. I have started the process just six months back and today I got the visa stamped on my passport. It’s not only me who got the visa, but also my whole family (wife, two kids) as dependents.

Marcio is one of the best lawyers who can give you immigration advices with 100% accuracy.

Nilanka Sampath
Mar 2022

Visa Kings professional executed my visa process from the beginning to end.They communicated regularly, will recommend them to friends and family.Thank you so much.

Joy Onu
Feb 2023

I hereby express my gratitude and appreciation to Visa Kings Global which is a brand name of Canfields Law Limited, for my initial processing of my visa application and all useful advice in order to find the best ways and opportunity, which it can guide me to gain my visa requirement.

Behrad Dehghanshoar
Jan 2023

Could you get a UK or Ireland business investor visa?

Please enquire below if you would like one of our specialists to explain which business visa route may suit you.

Please note that our immigration programmes, legal work and business support are paid services (we will advise you of all costs in advance).

Help us recommend suitable visas by indicating the funds you can realistically access for investment (we do not share this).

Frequently asked questions

What funds are required for an investor visa?

The answer depends on the visa being sought and the business you wish to establish. Based on experience, we suggest that investor visa applicants should have access to at least £55,000 in order to demonstrate the ability to fund their business, cover all fees, support themselves, and therefore stand the best chances of success.

What are the language requirements?

These vary slightly between visas but the most common requirement is proficiency at levels B1 or B2. We also offer business visa services for the Republic of Ireland with no language requirements whist offering frictionless entry into both the UK and EU countries.

How does the No Win, No Fee offer work?

Very simply, if we don't get you a visa we will refund your deposit — you lose nothing. Exceptions apply if you provide false/incomplete information, or change your mind after we have commenced work. This offer demonstrates our confidence of success for the clients we represent.

Wasn't the Investor visa abolished in the UK?

The UK government terminated the "Tier 1 (Investor) visa" — an expedited route allowing ultra-high-net-worth individuals to gain permanent residence by investing between £2 million and £5 million.

While this particular route has ended, there are several other "business" or "investor" visas still available which offer the same benefits. Quite frankly we would have recommended these in preference to the Tier 1 Investor route in almost every case as the same benefits are available with much lower investment.

Can I work for other employers under a business visa?

Yes, this is possible under some visas and is something our specialists can provide guidance on.

Is there a maximum age limit?

No! We have even successfully achieved a visa for one client who was over 90 years old.

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